7 Locations where you can admire the purple heather season

7 Locations where you can admire the purple heather season

You’ve probably seen it on your Instagram or your Tik Tok feed… the beautiful purple heather plants are back! Each year they bloom between the end of August and mid-September and we made a list for you with 7 places where you can discover the purple fairy-tale land.

1. Kalmthoutse Heide

At about 20min from Antwerp and near the border with the Netherlands you can admire this beautiful piece of nature. Discover more than 20 different walking routes in this huge park.

2. Mechelse Heide in Maasmechelen

The gateway to the Mechelse heide is part of the Hoge Kempen National Park in Limburg. Since recently you can also cycle through the purple heathland, or you can follow one of the 7 walks.

3. Heuvelse heide

You can find this purple landscape in Lommel (Limburg), where you can choose between 3 walks: 3, 7 or 9km.

4. De Teut, Zonhoven

Ten Haagdoornheide and Teut are two nature reserves located in the center of Limburg which together form one of the largest heathland areas in Flanders, one of the largest moorland areas in Flanders. As far as the eye can see, purple heather is in full flower. Discover the area by bike or by foot and get ready for breathtaking landscapes.

5. De Oudsberg, Oudsbergen

In the Duinengordel nature reserve, De Oudsberg is the tallest land dune in Flanders. The most gorgeous moors and purple heather plants are all around the dune.

6. De Liereman (between Oud-Turnhout and Arendonk)

You can get lost for hours on the meandering roads through the woods and sand, spot rare bird species in various remote locations, and converse among the purple heather plants in one of the few quiet places left in our nation.

7. Averbode

You can take delight in roaming through fens, heaths, and forests in the shadow of the Abbey of Averbode. The high ground provides a very lovely view of the surroundings. Enjoy the variety of this place, which includes cooling woodlands and purple splendor.

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