9x the most beautiful forests in Belgium

9x the most beautiful forests in Belgium

The advantage of our small country is that, as a forest lover, you are never far away from a beautiful forest. A walk in the woods is always pleasant, seek shade during a hot summer day or discover the beautiful colours during autumn.
Recharge your batteries in nature and discover our selection for a pleasant walk. Do you think we forgot a forest we should definitely mention? Let us know in the comments below!

1. The Sonian Forest

The Sonian Forest, some 4,000 hectares in size, is the green lung of Brussels and is spread across three regions. Some trees are up to 200 years old! There are trails available from 2 to even 50 km long.

2. Meerdaal & Heverlee Forest

The Meerdaal & Heverlee forest make up some 2,071 hectares and are 1 of the largest forests in the Flemish Region. Are you a fan of exotic trees? Then be sure to visit the renovated arboretum, located in the northern part, where the Naamsesteenweg and E40 motorways meet. Foresters created this to test which tree species do best there. 

3. Bosland

The largest adventure forest in Flanders is Bosland. The 6,517 ha nature reserve in northern Limburg consists mainly of forests, heathlands, grasslands and stream valleys. It stretches across the municipalities of Hechtel-Eksel, Pelt, Peer and Lommel. The region is one of six finalists now being considered to become a national park with a view to the future. In Bosland, by the way, you can cycle through the Trees. 

4. The great forest of Saint-Hubert

The monumental forest covers at least 100,000 hectares and is spread across several communes, including Saint-Hubert, Daverdisse, Libin and Bertogne. More than half of it is forested, and if you are lucky, you will even see a herd of red deer.
Just walking through this vast, peaceful forest is an incredible experience. In total, there are more than 1,000 kilometres of hiking trails.

5. Hallerbos

Naturally, this forest is a crowd pleaser in mid-April, when one can see a beautiful blue carpet of hyacinths. But even outside this period, it is worth coming here for a breath of fresh air. 

6. The Koekelare forest

You might not have thought you would find Belgium's most beautiful forest walks in West Flanders. The Koekelarebos in Koekelare, is a very beautiful place to walk with a total of 70 hectares of forest. Admire the impressive, more than 200-year-old summer oaks from a distance.

7. Buggenhout Forest

The Buggenhout forest, 1 of the most beautiful forests in Belgium, is located in the municipality of Buggenhout in the Belgian province of East Flanders and near the border with Flemish Brabant. There are 4 marked hiking routes, good for a total of 20.8km of hiking fun. 

8. Muziekbos

In the north-east of Ronse, you can go hiking in the Muziekbos, an ideal place for nature lovers. The domain covers some 110 hectares. By the way, you can also find a carpet of wood hyacinths here during the months of April and May. Additional information: Originally, the term Muziekbos (Music Forest) had nothing to do with music. "Muz" is the Celtic word for "swamp", a marshy area between ponds.

9. The forest of the land of Chimay

The name may not mean anything to you, but Fondry des chiens is located in the heart of this beautiful forest. Located on the border of the provinces of Hainaut and Namur, the Forest of Chimay is little-known yet beautiful. Its total area covers 90,000 hectares, half of which is forest.

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