Le Sortilège / De Betovering: A quest and adventure game for young and old

Le Sortilège / De Betovering: A quest and adventure game for young and old

When we arrived at Sortilège, we didn't really know what to expect. The website presents some general information, but it's rather limited and that's quite normal otherwise the quests would already be revealed. In this article, we won't detail everything to keep the surprise effect, because it's worth it, but know that we really had a great afternoon.

At the entrance of Sortilège, you will be greeted by a fantastic character (we were a prince) and a full briefing will be given. You will choose a team name and the character will give you a map, a mission scroll and a backpack with the necessary tools for your adventure. The walk is easy and during your quest you will have to solve puzzles and win challenges. As you walk through this urban forest, you will also meet other fantastic characters who will talk about the quest through riddles or challenges in both languages. Each point along the way that you solve gives you a new clue. If you win challenges, you will receive a number of magic beans. At the end of the walk, you must have a minimum number of beans to receive your letter of nobility. Each letter of nobility contains a character, which will be useful on your next visit.

Our experience at Sortilège

We went with our almost 6 year old daughter and we were amazed by the forest and the scenery. We feel totally outside the capital and yet nearby! We can only recommend you to try the experience, but we don't want to give too many details, as the adventure must remain a surprise.

Practical information:

Sortilège is for everyone: families/friends, team buildings, birthdays, schools or even stag parties. Everything is possible here.

Location: Le Val du Bois des Béguines in Brussels

Reservation required. Duration: +- 3 hours or 4 hours with the acrobranch course. Parking is free.

Price: 13 € per person (+5,5€ with the tree climbing option)

Minimum age: 4 years old to fully enjoy the adventure

Departure: at the latest at 2.30 pm to be able to finish the quest, earlier if you take the tree climbing course

There are 4 different quests depending on when you come, more information on their website. We took part in the knight's quest.

You can extend the adventure with a tree climbing option which is very well done. You have to be 1m50 tall with your arms raised to be able to take part. Count on about 1 hour for the activity.

We will certainly come back to test a new quest, we just have to choose which one!

 Promotion code of €1 per person valid on the website of Sortilège/Betovering: AMAZING_BELGIUM

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