Slow Cabins: Unwind & enjoy the surrounding nature

Slow Cabins: Unwind & enjoy the surrounding nature

Slow tourism has been on the rise for several years now and Slow Cabins is a perfect example of this concept. Switch to a lower gear and discover this unique accommodation.

General information

Slow Cabins can always be found in the middle of nature and at different locations in Belgium. The exact location is always secret and will only be revealed a few weeks before your arrival. Of course, we do not give away the location where we stayed. The Slow Cabins are about 30m² and are available for 2 or 4 persons. Thanks to the large panoramic windows in the cabin, you really feel connected with the surrounded nature. Inside you will find a queen size bed, kitchen, bathroom (shower) and dining area. During the cold winter days you can use the wood stove.

Food & Drinks

Before arriving, you will receive detailed information about the different possibilities to enjoy a dinner. This can be done via takeaway, on the spot (gas fire or barbecue) or in a restaurant in the area. Breakfast can be ordered in advance. 


As mentioned before, the locations of Slow Cabins are secret, but we recommend you to just not plan anything and enjoy this wonderful concept to the maximum.  

Practical Information

Prices are from €155 per night. There is a minimum stay of 2 nights. Parking was 5 minutes walk from our cabin so do not bring heavy suitcases. Maximum number of people: 4 

Our Experience

Slow Cabins is a wonderful ecological concept that makes you travel far, yet close by. The cabins are very beautiful and minimalist, and it sometimes seems as if you are staying in a hotel room in the middle of nature. Smartphone off and just enjoying nature and your loved one(s), that's all it takes. Slow tourism at its best.  

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Hi Gabriela,
Below the blog post you can find the link to the website of Slow Cabins where you can check the availability and get more information about your stay. Have a great day!

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Hello, I would like to have information about the procedure to book it.

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