Totemus: Combine discovery with treasure hunts

Totemus: Combine discovery with treasure hunts

If you love to hike and want to combine this with a treasure hunt, you will definitely love Totemus. Totemus is a combination of a treasure hunts and geocaching. This unique Belgian concept is revolutionizing hikes in Belgium, providing a fun and educational way to explore the country's hidden gems. The concept involves a mobile app that guides families, couples or individuals on a journey through cities and countryside of Wallonia and Brussels, with challenges and activities along the way. Resolve clues, observe a work of art, scan hidden QR codes… and if you have made it to the end you will receive Toteez, which are points that can be redeemed in the online gift shop (tickets for museums, theme parks and other activities).

How to start with Totemus

Using Totemus is easy and straightforward. Simply download the free mobile app, select your hike, and follow the instructions. All treasure hunts are located in Wallonia and Brussels. We recommend that your phone is fully charged before starting a hike, since you will need your phone and the app along the way.

Our experience

This was our first time that we have tried the Totemus app and the concept is absolutely amazing. We moved recently to Chaumont-Gistoux and we couldn't think of a better way to discover the neighbourhood and region. 

Our 7-year-old daughter loves to hike, but that is sometimes limited to a certain distance. With Totemus the hike became very fun and dynamic. In normal times our daughter would not care to see certain points of interests, art or statues, but thanks to Totemus she was suddenly interested as she had to read or find clues that were hidden or related to those points of interests. Oh and by the way, most Totemus hunts ends at places where you can rest, have fun at a playground or have drinks in a local bar. We will definitely use Totemus again for future hikes.   

Download the app here:

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