Unforgettable walk along the 'mountain' stream of Ninglinspo

Unforgettable walk along the 'mountain' stream of Ninglinspo

This hike is one of the most beautiful hikes in our country and follows the Ninglinspo and Chefna rivers. You read it correctly in the title, the Ninglinspo is indeed the only official mountain river in Belgium. 

Important information:

Due to the large number of visitors and because of the flood damage during summer 2021, the mayor has decided to restrict access to the Ninglinspo. Only residents or people who have booked a holiday stay or overnight stay in the region have access. More information


- Beautiful landscape around Aywaille
- Ninglinspo with its many waterfalls
- Splendid panoramic viewpoints

 Starting point: Sedoz car park End Point: Sedoz car park
Height difference: 350m Distance: Almost 14km
Difficulty: Average GPX file: Download



No specific lunch spot, during the walk you will come across at least 10 spots where you can quietly eat your lunch near the Ninglinspo.


The starting point for the Ninglinspo walk is a car park in a village called Sedoz. There are only a limited number of places, but parking is also possible on the road nearby.

Since Ninglinspo is a mountain river, the trail goes along several waterfalls. All the waterfalls are very pleasant and charming and make their way through the rocks. The hike is sometimes challenging because of the many climbs and descents.

It is almost impossible to get lost, but the trail is not always well signposted, so be careful.

We chose to do the hike in autumn, but the Ninglinspo is definitely worth a visit in spring as well. During the summer there's always a bit more public, as many families use the Ninglinspo to refresh themselves and make use of the natural slides.

Good shoes are essential as the walk is sometimes through very muddy areas. You can also shorten the walk to 6 km.

More information and gpx file of this amazing hike: 




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