Unique cycling experience: Cycling through water

Unique cycling experience: Cycling through water

Whether you like cycling or not, this one should definitely be on your bucket list. Cycling through water is a 200-metre cycle path right through a pond that is part of the Wijers. This experience has been around for more than 5 years now and has become one of Belgium's hotspots. Cycling through the water is located at cycling point 91 in the domain of Bokrijk (Limburg).

FIetsen door het water

Bike rental
If you are looking for a bike to discover this beautiful concept, we recommend you rent the bikes through Fietsparadijs Limburg, there is a pick-up point near the domain of Bokrijk and not far from 'Fietsen door het Water'.

Cycling route
You can also experience 'Fietsen door het water' (cycling through water) on foot, but we obviously suggest to discover this unique experience by bike. Via the website of Visit Limburg we chose a nice cycling tour that combines Bokrijk, Biking through the water, the Pukkelpop domain, Zonhoven and Hasselt. It is a flat cycling tour of approximately 23 km and definitely recommended.

Download the cycling route here

Zonhoven Bokrijk

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