Unique walk: Discover the 7 trolls and the magic tower (De Schorre - Boom)

Unique walk: Discover the 7 trolls and the magic tower (De Schorre - Boom)

Difficulty: very easy
Height meters: none
Distance: 3 km

Get ready for a magical walk for young and old, thanks to the 7 trolls and the magical tower in De Schorre in Boom. The provincial domain is of course known worldwide for the Tomorrowland festival, but there is so much more to experience. Think of the nature reserve, pedal boats, various playgrounds, the barefoot path, ... but since 2019 - to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Tomorrowland - there is now also this magical walk.

The trolls are not indicated on site, you can consult a plan before you start your visit, but to make it easy for you we have already done the walk itself and found all the trolls, you can download the walk with indication of the trolls for free below.

In cooperation with the Danish artist Thomas Dambo the recreation area made a home for seven giant trolls. Una, Jeuris, Mikil, Kamiel, Arvid, Hannes and Nora are between four and eighteen metres tall and were made from recycled wood, branches and leaves, among other things.

Meet the seven trolls (order of our walk):

The first troll we meet is called Nora, the youngest and smallest troll in the park, but very strong and industrious! She collects magic stones that are said to bring good luck.


Next is Hannes, an older troll with a beard who sits on a dilapidated wall. His speciality is making necklaces with wooden pearls.


To see the third troll, you have to be very careful, because it is well hidden between the trees and you can see it in the distance along the lake. This troll is called Mikil, he is very strong and with his big bucket he makes sure that all the trolls have enough water. Can you spot him on the photo? 


Next it is your turn to meet Arvid, this beautiful troll is resting on the footpath. She likes to look for old, dead trees to make new things out of them.


Time to discover Una and Youres. These trolls are the least well-hidden and lie on the meadow where Tomorrowland's mainstage normally is. The two best friends love to look at the clouds and stars.

Trollenbos De Schorre

The last troll is called Kamiel and guards the Magic Tower. From this tower you can even see the Atomium - in good weather! When Kamiel wears his mask, he can speak the language of all animals.

 Trollenbos Boom

On the way back, we walked via the One World Bridge. This bridge is 650 metres long and has more than 200,000 planks, 100,000 of which are personalised by festival visitors.

One World Bridge, De Schorre

- The wooden platform can sometimes be slippery during rainy days, so be careful
- There are a lot of mosquitoes in the troll forest (and the barefoot path) during the summer, so be sure to bring mosquito repellent.
- The trolls are not made to climb on, please respect these works of art
- A buggy is not accessible everywhere during this hike
- There is more than enough parking space in the provincial domain.


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